Awards History

Sep. 2023

Akiko Yamaguchi received the "Outstanding Young Researchers Oral Presentation Award" at the 2023 Ehime Conference of the Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition.

Dec. 2022

Mr. Takuma Kawamura was awarded the 'Outstanding Presentation Award' at the 41st JSST Annual International Conference on Simulation Technology.

Sep. 2019

Ms. Akiko Yamaguchi was awarded the 'Best Poster Award' by International Conference Migration 2019.

Nov. 2016

Mitsuhiro Itakura et al. received the 'First Prize Poster Award' at The Nuclear Materials Conference, November 7-10, 2016 Montpellier, France (NuMat 2016).

Jun. 2016

Susumu Yamada received the 'Science Award' from the International Workshop on the Environmental Damage in Structural Materials Under Static Load/Cyclic Loads at Ambient Temperatures (EDSM-IV).

Jun. 2016

Susumu Yamada, Narimasa Sasa, Masahiko Machida et al. received an award from the HPC in Asia Poster Session at the ISC High Performance conference, June 6-23, 2016.

Dec. 2013

Yasuhiro Idomura et al. won the 'SC13 Best Poster Award'.

Nov. 2008

CCSE of JAEA was nominated as a finalist in the SC07/SC08 analytics challenge for two successive years 2007 and 2008. Further details

Nov. 2007

CCSE won the Large Scale Analysis Excellence Award from SC07 for its 'Cognitive Methodology-based Data Analysis System for Large-scale Data'.

Nov. 2006

CCSE was one of the six finalists for the Gordon Bell Prize at SC06 for its presentation on 'High-Performance Computing for Exact Numerical Approaches to Quantum Many-Body Problems on the Earth Simulator'.

Nov. 2005

Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) was established in October, 2005. The Center for Computational Science & e-Systems (CCSE) was established as one of Project Promotion Sectors of JAEA.