(Particle Based Volume Rendering)

PBVR 2.1 (2023/03/27)

・The latest version of PBVR 2.1 is available. In this update, the CS/IS-PBVR client program now supports Qt6 (Mac ARM architecture).

The source code is available from github.


Download List

Remote VR Visualization System VR-PBVR 1.0 (2023/03/29)

Remote visualization software PBVR (CS-PBVR) compresses large data on remote storage into particle data and transfers it to a user PC for efficient visualization.

VR-PBVR is an extension of CS-PBVR's visualization functionality for the Oculus head-mounted display. This enables interactive VR visualization of large-scale data stored on remote storage on a PC at hand.


Source Code


VR-PBVR’s source code is available from release_vr_v**** branch of the above github repository.


 ・ Manual
 ・ Binary

KVSMLConverter (2023/03/29)

The remote visualization software PBVR (CS-PBVR) supports volume data in AVS and proprietary KVSML formats. This KVSML converter is a library that can convert the following data formats into KVSML format that can be processed by CS-PBVR.

 ・ VTK Legacy(ASCII, Binary)
 ・ VTK XML(ASCII, Binary)
 ・ EnSight Gold(ASCII, C binary, Fortran binary)
 ・ CGNS(Binary)
 ・ Plot3D(A ASCII, C binary, Fortran binary)
 ・ AVS(ASCII, Binary)
 ・ STL(ASCII, Binary)

Source Code


The source code for the KVSML converter can be obtained from the release_kvsml_converter_v**** branch of the above github repository. The manual is described in github.